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Sweet! Is it IKEA?
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Oooh, Daddy came to feed the babies!


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The finches in the eaves of our back porch have hatched!  So much cute!


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My group at Apple is hiring software engineers -- if anyone out there is interested, shoot me a line and I'll hook you up.

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So I went to Hong Kong for work recently.


Things you might not know about Hong Kong if you haven't been there (in no particular order)

* The elevator "close door" buttons WORK!

* All the street signs are in Chinese *AND* English (Former Crown Colony here!)

* If you're of European ancestry you are likely to be the tallest person in the elevator.

* As you walk down the street, you may get hit by a drop of rain, even when it's sunny. That's condensation from the omnipresent air conditioners.

* Also as you walk down the street, you will get intermittent blasts of refreshing A/C from open shop doors.

* That noodle shop that looks like a third-rate 50s diner, yet has a Michelin sticker in the window? Go ahead, go inside, it's AWESOME.

* The whole city is made of delicious.

* People will stand in front of their shops trying to hand you brochures or menus.

* In the morning people will hand you free newspapers, but they'll be in Chinese.

* The trams that run down Hennessy (and other streets, but this is the one I took) are too short inside for a six-foot westerner to stand up straight in. They are also amazingly cheap ($HK 2.30), and are called "ding-dings" from the bell they have.

* When a typhoon hits the city, tram riders are required to OPEN all the windows in the tram, so it doesn't blow over onto its side.

* The train from the airport to Central is fast, clean and frequent.

* The street food that looks like bubble-wrap made of dough? DELICIOUS.

* Major intersections have muted bells that change rhythm when it's safe to cross.

* It's pretty much safe to cross as soon as the light changes. Very few cars or busses try to push through on yellow.

* In some intersections you get a red/yellow just before the green.

* The streets are amazingly crowded with people, yet they seldom bump into each other, even when texting.

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Baycon Panels

So, if anyone is still following me, I'm going to be on these panels at Baycon.  Stop by and say hey,


Irreproducible Results on Friday from 2:30 PM to 4:00 PM in San Tomas
Panelists discuss the fun and foibles of the scientific world. Join Journal of Irreproducible
Results editor Norm Sperling and friends for a recounting of how science can go hilariously

The Internet: The Next Television Network? on Saturday from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM in Camino Real
Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube are all putting big bucks into producing original high quality
television shows. Meanwhile, traditional TV network shows' ratings and budgets are dropping.
There are rumors of Apple and/or Google offering a la carte cable plans. What happens when the
Internet turns from a distribution method into a production system?

Before there was Steam, There Was Sail on Sunday from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM in Bayshore
For millennia, humans crossed the seas using nothing but muscle and wind for power. Mechanical
power is a relatively recent invention. We'll be discussing how we managed to cross the oceans and
explore our world without fossil fuels, and look at what the future holds.

Top 10 Rookie Author Gaffes on Monday from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM in Ballroom A
What are the most common ways to prevent your first sale, and how can you avoid them? Why do so
many of them involve teenage vampires?

A Shot Rang Out on Monday from 1:00 PM to 2:30 PM in Bayshore ...and bounced down the hallway,
through the door, and out of the world. Come see hilarious, impromptu storytelling. Back as always
by popular demand.

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Sunday evening one of our local hawks took its dinner to the top of the tree at the foot of our lot.  This dramatic photo resulted:



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We had a really pretty sunset last night:



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So I now work at Apple, and my office is in the building called "Valley Green Six", which appears to be two buildings joined together by an enormous atrium.


About once a month some band or other comes and plays in the atrium.  Today it was:




Crowded House.  No kidding.  Yes, they did "Don't dream it's over" and "Weather with you" and "Something so Strong" and some new things.  Very cool!


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One nice thing about the new Casa Berry is the birds.  We appear to have a mated pair of Redtail Hawks that periodically come by.  We think the used to hunt here until we cleaned up the back yard and removed most of the cover for their prey.







This last one is the best of today's batch:




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